Areas of Greatest Need

Gifts to the Areas of Greatest Need are invested in our community where it's needed most.

Over 58,000 people in our community will have better access to basic needs, education, financial stability, and health care.

25 local agencies and 40 programs will be funded by United Way.

1 in 4 people in our community will be helped by a United Way partner agency this year.


54,286 people will get help to meet their most basic needs.


People will have access to food, water, shelter, safety, and information in times of need.

Impact of Your Gift
  • 53,630 people - including children, seniors, and homeless - will receive food and essential care supplies.
  • 27,300 hungry children will receive healthy food.
  • 440 victims of sex trafficking will be provided with support to recover from physical and emotional harm.
  • 750 home-bound seniors will receive delivered meals to help them stay healthy at home.
Partner Agencies

Mirror Ministries

Second Harvest Inland Northwest

Senior Life Resources Northwest

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Support, Advocacy, and Resource Center

The Arc of Tri-Cities



1,617 children and parents will get support in the earliest years of life.


Children (birth to 3rd grade) will enter kindergarten ready to learn and transition successfully into elementary school.

  • 1,206 children will participate in high-quality early education programs.
  • 70 parents or caregivers will be provided with training to promote their child's development.
  • 88% of children served will make progress toward developmental milestones.
  • 89% of parents or caregivers served will report increased positive engagement with their children.

Benton Franklin Head Start 

Catholic Charities Serving Central Washington

Children's Developmental Center

Partners for Early Learning



167 people will get jobs, skills training, or stable housing.


Individuals and families will improve their socio-economic status.

Impact of Your Gift
  • 12 victims of domestic violence will access housing to escape abusive relationships.
  • 147 people with disabilities will receive job skills training.
  • 79 people with disabilities will gain employment.
  • 54% of people with disabilities served will gain or maintain employment.
Partner Agencies

Columbia Industries

Domestic Violence Services of Benton and Franklin Counties



1,953 people will gain access to health care and improve their quality of life.


People will have access to health care and improve their quality of life.

Impact of Your Gift
  • 1,307 uninsured or underinsured people will access free health care.
  • 536 people with disabilities will participate in physical activity and socialization.
  • 250 people with low vision or blindness will get help to increase their independence.
  • 84% of people served will increase their participation in health care services.
  • 79% of people served will report increased independence and improved quality of life.
Partner Agencies

ALS Association, Evergreen Chapter

Edith Bishel Center for the Blind

Grace Clinic

Modern Living Services

Second Harvest Inland Northwest

The Arc of Tri-Cities

Therapeutic Riding of Tri-Cities (TROT)



929 youth and parents will get help to succeed in school.


Youth will gain the knowledge and skills needed to become contributing members of the community.

Impact of Your Gift
  • 839 youth will participate in out-of-class programs and receive individualized support.
  • 74 parents or caregivers will receive training and resources to promote their youth's success in school.
  • 419 youth will develop soft skills such as leadership, time management, teamwork, and self-confidence.
  • 5 homeless or refugee high school seniors will graduate high school on time this year.
  • 80% of youth served will earn passing grades in core subject areas.
  • 85% of youth served will maintain or improve their school attendance.
Partner Agencies

ANSIL Hall Youth Shelter

Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton & Franklin Counties

Catholic Charities Serving Central Washington

Chaplaincy Health Care

Columbia Industries

Domestic Violence Services of Benton and Franklin Counties

Family Learning Center

Lunch Buddies

The Arc of Tri-Cities

YMCA of the Greater Tri-Cities