Board Members

An independent Board of Directors governs our United Way. The Board is composed of community leaders who represent our diverse region. Board members serve without compensation and are elected to serve a maximum of two, three-year terms. The election of board officers is held at the annual meeting. Board of Directors meet the fourth Thursday of every month to set policy, and make decisions related to the organization’s strategies and performance.

Executive Committee

Russ Keefer, Board Chair
Todd Baddley, Community Impact Committee Chair
Dan Legard, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair
Brent Ridge, Leadership Committee Chair
Brad Sawatzke, Planning Committee Chair

Dan Wood, Administration Committee Chair
Staci West, 60th Anniversary Committee


Jason Altman
Debbie Bone-Harris
Scott Booth
Nickolas Bumpaous
Tracie Cowen
Laura Eder
Greg Fancher
Eric Ferguson
Rosa Fernandez
Rob Gregory


Brian Harkins
Chris Harrington
Tracy Heidelberg
Jason Hogue
Diahann Howard
Jessica Joyner
Allison Jubb
Lisa Larson
Keri Lobdell
Ben Majetich


Ryan Malecha
Jed Morris
Rick Perez
Brian Stickney
Randy Walli
Bree Wolfe