Coordinators Toolkit

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2017 Campaign Coordinators Handbook


We Win By Living United (wmv) - 3 minutes 

We Win By Living United (YouTube)

We Win By Living United Spanish (YouTube)

We Win By Living United (wmv) :30 seconds

We Win By Living United (mp4) :30 seconds

Great Things Happen When We Live United (mp4)

Unions for United Way (YouTube) 3:30 minutes


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We Win By Living United Logo

We Win By Living United Blue Logo

We Win By Living United One Line Blue Logo

United Way Logo with web address

United Way Logo without web address

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Leadership Cricle Benefits

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Areas of Greatest Need

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Posters (11 x 17) pdf files

10 Reasons to Support United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties

Your Donation Makes an Impact

United Way Myth Busters

The Community's Greatest Needs

Where Does All The Money Go

Meet Many Needs - Education

Meet Many Needs - Health

Meet Many Needs - Financial Stability

Messaging Flyers

Your Donation Makes an Impact

Young Leaders Society Flyer

Campaign-Related Communication/Contact Documents

Coordinatros Handbook

3 Email Template

Attendance Matters Data Report - Year 2

Finance FAQ

Pledge Form

New Hire Pledge Form

Common Questions and Responses

Retiring Into the Community

Testimonials and Success Stories

Special Events

Special Events Donation Form

Special Events Donation Receipt

Special Events Donation Receipt Guide for Company Coordinator

Special Events Guide

REcognition Images

2016 LIVE UNITED Celebration Award Winners (jpg)

United Way's Community Solutions/Initiative Key Points and Information

2-1-1 Key Points

Attendance Matters Key Points

What We Do Key Points

Emergency Food and Shelter Key Points

Long-Term Follow Along Project Key Points

The Value Add Key Points

United Way Funded Programs and Service Provider List