Legacy Society/Planned Giving

The Legacy Society at United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties is comprised of individuals who demonstrate extraordinary forethought and generosity to ensure the continuation of support for the health and well-being of Benton and Franklin Counties. Through outright gifts to the United Way Endowment Fund, or through deferred gift commitments to United Way’s Endowment Fund, Legacy Society members plant seeds of kindness that will improve lives for generations to come.

When you support United Way year after year, you play a critical role in addressing the complex and changing needs in our community. You invest in programs that create measurable impact and help people and our community thrive. You will also be invited to seminars throughout the year on topics related to legacy gifts and be provided with updates regarding our role in the community.

In addition to supporting United Way’s Community Solutions work, the Legacy Society gifts may qualify for federal and state charitable tax deductions. Consult your personal financial or tax advisor to determine what benefits you may be eligible to enjoy.

What are the advantages of planned giving?

•    Estate planning is not just for the wealthy; it can benefit people from all walks of life.
•   Giving a gift will benefit the community and continue in perpetuity.
•   The process of developing an estate plans helps people to address their concerns about whether they will have sufficient resources after retirement.
•   It can help people understand the full extent of their assets.
•   We all want to make things easier for our loved ones and help family and children.
•   It is possible to protect hard earned savings by legitimately minimizing income taxes, capital gains, and estate taxes.
•   It’s never too early to start planning, and it can result in maximizing tax benefits.
•   Planning helps us acknowledge our own mortality. It may be necessary to prepare for death in light of serious health issue.


What are the financial benefits of including United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties (UWBFCO) in an estate plan?

•    A planned gift to UWBFCO is different than a donation to the annual United Way Campaign. Contributions raised through the annual campaign are spent the following year; whereas a planned gift through an individual’s estate plan is saved for future years and then expended through special action by the Board of Directors.
•   A planned gift to UWBFCO can be done without decreasing resources to one’s family.
•   UWBFCO handles gifts with expertise and confidentiality.
•   UWBFCO will be able to handle gifts effectively regardless of change in administrators over the years.
•   UWBFCO can make gifts last longer than smaller agencies who might use funds for operation or direct costs.
•   UWBFCO has a long history of accountability, clean external audits, and a good reputation. United Way Worldwide completes an annual evaluation of all 1,300 United Way’s across the nation. This overview rates financial accountability, as well as community impact work. UWBFCO earned 97 out of 100 possible points in 2014.
•   UWBFCO also earned the highest, 4-Star, rating from Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities and evaluates. Non-profits are rated for their performance in the areas of financial health, accountability, and transparency.
•   A planned gift of any amount is greatly appreciated and will be utilized in the most effective and efficient manner in order to extend the reach and benefit as far as possible.


How is UWBFCO different from othr organizations that accept endowments and planned gifts?

•   UWBFCO maintains a very low overhead rate (less than 15%) compared to the 35% average of all service organizations. We also obtain corporate contributions that cover a good portion of our overhead costs, resulting in more money going directly to services and programs.
•   UWBFCO provides a customizable approach, allowing donor choice with multiple options so people can designate how their gifts should be spent.
•   United Way, as a worldwide organization, has a history since 1887. UWBFCO has been the health and human services leader in this community since 1958.


How can a gift to UWBFCO through an estate plan improve lives in our community?

•  UWBFCO improves lives in our community through Community Solutions. Our goal is that everyone in Benton and Franklin Counties has a good education; access to healthcare; lives and works in a safe environment; and is a self-sufficient, active member of our community. A planned gift will help to ensure that this work continues.
•  UWBFCO partners with hundreds of community-based health and human service organizations in determining local needs and gaps and prioritizing long-term solutions to local issues. The Community Solutions Plan, developed by 200 local leaders representing all sectors of the community, is an excellent guide to illustrate how including UWBFCO in an estate plan can benefit scores of programs and services serving thousands of people for many years to come.
•  Current UWBFCO donors and volunteers are helping many individuals in our community. A planned gift to UWBFCO will continue one’s passion and provide future resources to support that passion for years to come.

There are many ways to become a member of the United Way Legacy Society:

Bequests Through Your Will

Name United Way in your will in the form of a stated dollar amount, specific property or a percentage of your estate

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Place assets in a trust from which earnings are paid as income to you and your beneficiaries. Upon the death of the last beneficiary, the principal will be given to United Way

Insurance Policies

Name United Way as the owner and/or beneficiary of all or a portion of your life insurance

Retirement Plan Assets

Name United Way as the beneficiary of all or a portion of your retirement plans

Outright Gifts to Our Endowment Fund

Make a monetary contribution or provide gifts such as securities, real estate or other assets for investment in the United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties Endowment Fund. Your financial advisor can guide you in choosing the best way to make a gift that fulfills your personal, philanthropic and financial goals.