Attendance Matters

Regular attendance affects a student’s success in school and in life. When students do well in school and graduate, they are more likely to be gainfully employed, pursue healthier lifestyles, live in a safe environment, and contribute to the well-being of our community. 

United Way launched Attendance Matters in 2013 to help get kids back in school. Data is being tracked in 17 middle schools across Benton and Franklin counties. This program, in partnership with local schools, non-profits, and businesses, has generated positive results.

The Challenge

1. Chronic absenteeism is a key factor in poor academic achievement, high school dropout rates, adult unemployment, and crime rates. 

2. Data from our local schools showed students who missed fewer than 5 days of general math or science class were more likely to earn an “A”, while students who missed 7 or more days of the same class were more likely to earn a “D” or “F.”

3. Students’ grades decline overall as absences increase. Students with 5 or fewer absences earned more “A’s.” Students with 12 or more absences typically receive failing grades.  

Our Commitment

1. United Way is committed to mobilizing resources to improve school attendance (kindergarten  through high school) in Benton and Franklin Counties.

2. United Way is partnering with 17 area middle schools throughout Benton and Franklin Counties to support their students' success. 

Our Impact

1. After the first year of implementing Attendance Matters®, student absences decreased by an average of 2 days per student--from 12 days to 10 days per year, per student.

2. Students missing 10+ days dropped by 985.

Interested in implementing Attendance Matters® in your community, organization, or school?

Attendance Matters® is a registered name and service mark by United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In support of our mission to improve lives in our community and support others to do so in theirs, permission for use will be considered by completing our online Request For Use form. Requesting organizations must meet the following requirements and agree to the following guidelines:

1. Your use of the Attendance Matters® service mark is for the sole purpose of informing and educating about school related attendance.

2. Your organization is a school, not-for-profit, or government entity.

3. From the date of the agreement forward, all of your materials displaying the Attendance Matters® name will include the following disclaimer: "Attendance Matters® is used with permission by United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties."

4. Permission is for the sole use by your organization and is non-transferable.

5. Request for permission is granted per calendar year and a new request must be completed each new year.

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